The Adirondack Community Recreational Alliance recognizes that successful recreational development is sustainably built and managed. Years ago the catchphrase 'take only photos and leave only footprints’ was sufficient to convey an entire wilderness ethos and Adirondack trailheads reminded visitors to ‘Pack it In and Pack it Out’.  


Today, overuse threatens to overwhelm some Adirondack recreational destinations while others remain underutilized and neglected. As we contemplate the next chapter of outdoor recreation in northern New York and the kinds of investments required to promote healthy and enduring local economies, we’re reminded that today's wilderness ethics apply as much to our economic development work as they do to responsibly recreating in and around our communities. 


The Leave No Trace Seven Principles ( © 1999 by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics: from the Center for Outdoor Ethics provides a starting point for thinking about responsible stewardship and outdoor recreation. We suggest visiting their website to learn more about The Leave No Trace Seven Principles. 

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