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EVENTS: Elizabethtown's Pond Hockey 'Skirmish'

A celebration of pond hockey and 1970's disco on February 1st 2020.

The Adirondack Community Recreation Alliance loves recreation-centered events because they put a date on the calendar, highlight the many benefits of community recreation, and bring residents and visitors together for fun and celebration.

For the second annual Elizabethtown Skirmish, the lively combination of pond hockey, 1970's disco, and historically themed Colonial costumes for all ages and and abilities are brought together for an unforgettably good time. It's a true melding of summer and winter - if you're talking about Donna Summer that is.

The town ice is broken up into two half-size rinks. Players are randomly placed into mixed skill level and age group teams of three to 'skirmish' against each other. Two subs are allowed per team. There is a Colonial bent to the event garb and design - at least for one local revolutionary war reenactor - and Saturday Night Fever on the PA. It's ridiculous, fun, and brings the Elizabethtown community together for a one-of-a-kind pond hockey event to celebrate winter.

Send us your favorite North Country events, and tell us how they’re helping to build new and vital recreational economies!

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