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ACRA Advocacy

Come back soon to learn more details of ACRA's efforts to support legislation, funding, and state support for community-based recreation. 


We'll be working hard to:

  • Identify needed shifts in the policy and funding landscape to support community-based recreation.

  • Increase community-based recreation activities as an effective economic development strategy for Adirondack communities. 

  • Extend incentives and safeguards to private landowners (including owners of eased lands) to open their lands for community recreation use. 

  • Increase funding streams and diverse partnerships to support the public and private investments necessary to realize this vision.

  • Allocate existing public resources to support the maintenance of recreational assets to provide quality experiences.

  • Support appropriate, community-identified recreational corridors between and among Adirondack communities. 

You can play an important role in this advocacy; please stay tuned and learn more about how you can take part!

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